Why I Am Posting “Country Boy”

When I first started writing in 2017, Amazon and self-publishing was a very different environment. Amazon was courting and encouraging new writers to follow their dreams and get into the mix. After all, more books meant more revenue for everyone, especially Amazon.

Unfortunately, book stuffers, scammers, and others found ways to cheat Amazon’s system, and the corporation began to lock down their search and promotion engines. In addition, you still have many authors turning out what I would term “penny books” consisting of forty-pages or less at a very high rate. Many of these are unedited and of poor quality. 

It seems ironic in today’s world that the supply of stories can outstrip world demand, but it has happened. Before this occurred, many authors would give away books to find readers. Unfortunately, most authors found that the readers who liked their free books did not want to have to pay for any new books later and would move on to other free writers.

So, why give away my first book? Well, there are a couple of excellent reasons. First, short story books are buried among the questionable books mentioned above. If I want anyone to read my work, and I do, I figured I needed to give at least one book away in hopes of encouraging readership.

My second reason has more to do with the internet economy. A majority of people read content for free with ads. Even Amazon’s non-free Kindles comes with ads. I decided it made more sense to write my content online and monetize my website. Although nobody is obligated in any way to respond to advertising, often people do.

Times change, economies change, and cultures change. That is the basis for many a good story. It is also our reality. I believe one can change with the times, or find themselves on the back shelf. So, expect more content on my website. 

Will I still publish via the traditional method of books and ebooks? Absolutely, but you will often find the original content on my website before you do the bookstore.

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