Wonder Wednesday

This week, I am introducing another new fictional piece on my blog called “Wonder Wednesday.” The title means, I wonder what character Gary is writing this week? I will create a random character who will blog about whatever he or she wants to. It may be related to something I am doing; it may not. There will be no character introductions.

This bloke Gary is making me write this week. My name is Nigel by the way. He runs off to the beach and leaves me sitting here doing nothing. I suppose a chap can’t get too angry. I enjoy the beaches around Malta, and I like Paradise Bay. This place is above bog standard if you enjoy snorkeling.

Even so, I do not spend so much time at the beach as other gentlemen. I have an import business in North Africa that keeps me quite busy. Granted, my customers can be a bit of a rough lot, but they pay their bills on time.  Just this past week I was in Tripoli with a group of gentlemen interested in me importing hardware for them. Splendid chaps. We enjoyed some warm beer and discussed politics. Of course, I don’t care about Libya’s government, so we got along just brilliant!

We were all getting along like old chums. Then suddenly this chap shows up named Oliver. He was a complete numpty. He comes in and sits down at our table. He acts like I should know who he is. When I ask my associates who this fellow thinks he is Oliver gets very upset. Before I know what is happening, we are in an argy-bargy. I was hit in the face before this fellow would even let me respond.

I feigned that he knocked me out of my chair. I grab my gun from my ankle holster and came up from the floor. The chap was much nicer then. I asked him why he would start a kerfuffle. The lads that I knew told me he was all mouth and no trousers. So I conked him in the head with my gun. The gentlemen at the table politely excused themselves, and that’s the last I have seen of Oliver. Those gentlemen called yesterday and told me I could broker their hardware needs for the next year. I wonder how long I could have gotten them to sign for if I had shot the numpty?

Tell Gary I said to get back to work. I do not want our agreement to turn into a damp squib. He is a nice chap, and I would like to see us work together.  You folks be brilliant! Cheers.

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