You Must Focus


We all sat packed together in the meeting room. Like most software companies in the early to mid-nineties, we happily sat on the floor, countertops, or where ever we could fit. Our boss, who immigrated from Singapore, had the room in stitches.

He repeated it, “Fucus, you have to fucus.”

His self-deprecating humor ingeniously drove the point home. The company had lost its focus. Although his English was flawless, the simple act of using a stereotype to get our attention worked wonders. In fifteen minutes, we had a renewed determination for the direction the leadership was sending the company.

What Is Your Focus?

This old memory came to mind this week when a Podcast Producer asked me the simple question, “What is your focus?” 

She had found my first novel, “Joshua and the Shadow of Death.” The producer loved the book and wanted to interview me. Upon discovering that book, she found “Harold and the Angel of Death.” Then she bumped into Lucius McCray.

She could see how much effort I had put into Lucius, including my podcast. We discussed my website, and the question came up again, what was my passion?

Honestly, I did not have an answer at first. At least not that day. We agreed to focus on Lucius since my new audiobook, “Humor Through The Ages,” is releasing in online stores in July.  However, our conversation haunted me. I love all my stories, and I honestly do not consider myself only a satirist, or a writer of thrillers. I enjoy writing stories in most genres.

Who Am I

That is when it hit me. I am a storyteller. It is a term that probably does not get a lot of respect these days. When we hear the word storyteller, we think of people who narrate rather than write the tales. Worse, we may relegate such a role to an antiquated time that was long ago or an amusing stereotype an actor plays at the Renaissance Festival.

I think that is part of the problem with writing today. Since the post-industrial age, society has done its best to define and pigeonhole people. The practice starts with our earliest days of school, on through college, and into the business or trade world. People love the excuse that it is better to be the master of one thing rather than a jack of all trades.

Here is a thought, why not be both? I am still a master of many things related to computers, and I am a jack of all trades when it comes to the computer ecosystem. As a writer, I may enjoy writing as Lucius the most and put more of an effort behind his books, but I also enjoy publishing flash fiction, novels, thrillers, action, etc.

So, I am a teller of stories. Original stories that I write. I tell them on the virtual and physical page, and then I hire people far more talented than myself to tell my stories to you in audio.

So, you be you. Do not let this world stick you in a pigeonhole. You are created to do many great things. Do not let the expectations of others curb who God created you to be. Seize the day and be who you are.

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